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Along with an extensive network of independent publishers, we are proud to represent a wide variety of songwriters and artists worldwide.
We provide a growing library of quality songs for synchronization and licensing and assists you in finding the high quality music you need, as we can often clear both publishing and recording rights.


#WTOstudios #WTOsession

As an independent label, we are pleased to support our artists and provide a complete studio experience. From custom-made original music to mixing and mastering, you can rely on the WTOteam’s expertise to carry out your musical projects.


#WTOcamp #WTOacademy

With our deep-rooted experience in the musical world and industry, we are confident in our ability to help and supply courses in our offices or online. From music classes, sound-engineering to music business programs, we can help artists and organisations, but also take part to the reflection on your digital transformation.